Sunday, June 3, 2007

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Show Notes:
The Strength of Weak Touches
Cloned Meat
Hot Dog Record Broken

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Ameno said...


:p 10 bucks its because he was good looking. since they're just wasting time on, something...that seems erhm...kind of obvious. they should do some reverse test. all in the name of having something to do..

lets see, could do one of those guys that has his entire mouth filled with gold.. one covered in pimples/bumps (like the trucker from harold & kumar go to white castle.) a good looking guy with long dirty fingernails (just to see how this clashes with a "Good looking guy" that was probably all proper and trim.) since we know women pay great attention to detail.

in other interesting news. one of these tables, would of ruled so hard as a child.

ah..but i'll shut up now. and leave you with my latest search onyoutube.

Brittny said...

Star, I'll totally be your friend. And eat cloned meat with you when you win the lotto.