Sunday, May 27, 2007

Click here to download Episode 12!

Show Notes:
Sunscreen: Fact & Fiction
Russian Holes.... what the heck are they?
German Doctor found in attic after 20 yrs.
Key Rats!
Smarter Mice
Heroes for Hire #13 cover discussion
Joss Whedon Blog
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Trailer
Fellowship of the White Star Role Playing Game

Ending Song: Summertime, by Brother Love


Ameno said...

all this mention of comics..and superheroes...but no one has said a word about City of Heroes. closet thing those of us who can't draw, will ever get to living out that crime fighting fantasy. :p or at least RP up a good story ingame.

oh..and speaking of stoning... shame it didn't go like this..

Ameno said...

:p to the guys with the phones and stuff..that whedon was talking about. (incase someone didn't get how i ment that.)

Starline said...

Alas Ameno, both Kelly and I are on Macs, and CoH doesn't make the game for our computers. I have many online friends who play and tell me of its awesomeness though.

Ameno said...

argh the cursed macs! (i joke...really i do....maybe.) yes, a friend of mine i use to play with on CoH is on a mac now, and can't play it as well. great times are to be had in that game, even more when you're evil.

mayhem missions..destroying cars,trucks, and random street items and blowing open banks...great great fun. its a game worth owning a PC for.

SasseyFrass said...

Thanks for the shout out to Fellowship of the White Star during episode 12!