Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Show Notes:
Body Hacks
Driving down the spanish steps
Harey Problem
Squrriel On Rampage
House with dead animals on it
Ocean's 13 Trailer
FF4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Surf's Up

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Brittny said...

I would marry jack, bang sawyer...and then kill sawyer. That way no one knows I banged him. Is that weird?

Kelly said...

Yes. That is weird ;)

Starline said...

Well everyone who seems to bang Sawyer on the island seems to die anyway...

or get pregnant....

Ben said...

When you get to the last episode of Firefly, it's a good idea to have Serenity close to hand, because every time I watch it I go, "Arggh! But what happens next?!" and then I have to watch the movie.

Kelly said...

Ben, not to worry. I bought both and that's exactly what happened.