Sunday, May 4, 2008

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AH GEEZ. Something happened to our recording, so we re-did it. So those who listened to our live show on Thursday got a bonus. Don't wanna miss out? Listen to our live shows too. :)

Show Notes:
Nike Human Race
30 Yrs of Spam. Yay?
Dinosaur dung sells at NYC auction for nearly $1,000
Fertile women 'have sexier voice'
Best museums in Miami

Music: Shadowplay by DJ Catalyst

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forolve said...
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Jazzercat15 said...

So I tuned into your podcast today after seeing it advertised on the candi comics website and it was pretty neat! You girls rock and I think I'm pretty much hooked.

As for spam... you don't have to eat it cooked... I believe it's already a bit precooked? Well, my dad has been eating it out of the can since god knows when and he's still alive. haha. Eww... good thing I'm a vegetarian.

Any who just want to say your podcast rocked and I will be catching up on quite a bit of them ASAP, and maybe even tune into your live show.