Sunday, August 12, 2007

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Show Notes:
BK's Damn Sexy Secrets
Baby Superman is 4Real
My life as a Hot Woman
The Obesity Map
FTC subpoenas food giants on marketing to kids
Dangerous Science Jobs
Tips for Dealing with the heat"

BK's Damn Sexy Secrets from bk and Vimeo.

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Ben said...

Another great show! :) (I like the highquality studio sound)

When you were talking about capturing video footage, it reminded me of this web site I found where they are streaming live, 24/7 webcam footage of Grizzly Bears in HD. (If you google "seemorehd" you should find it) It's not tornados, but still kinda fun.
A few more quick comments:
I think German or Russian are the best languages to swear in. I mean they sound the scariest.
Also I love "Interstella 5555." It's really well done. Even my wife liked it and she's not really into techno.
Okay, well listen to ya agian next week.


P.S. Star, did you hear that DisneyDVD has officially stopped making disney sequels? I guess John Lasseter said Little Mermaid 3 is the last one.