Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Show Notes:
L'oreal and racism
Five most memorable vehicles from comics
"Bush Lied They Died" T-Shirt Banned
NASA's Endeavour
Dr. G Spot

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Time Lapse Bonus!

Episode 18 of the Apt 209 Podcast - Time Lapse from Starline Hodge and Vimeo.


Cholma said...

Ironic! You spelled Endeavour wrong in your link! :D "Endevour" Oops!

You must have a really good mic to be able to hear the thunder in the background.

Kelly said...

It is quite ironic. Thanks!
The mic is awesome, it's a Snowball.

Becky said...

i acctually came to the same conclusion as you guys.
but it was an interesting article

and i sign Bexxx, but some people think its hard to pronounce...acctually thats not true, only my best girl friend. so i normally go by Becky or Becca =D

Amazing job, you girls are the greatest =]

Love and Lipstick,