Sunday, April 1, 2007

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Show Notes:
-Sweet Jesus! (Possibly Not Safe for Work because of chocolate penis.)
-ABC Article on Modern-Day Slavery
-National Geographic Article on Modern Day Slavery
- Darth Vader Grotesques
-"Purity Balls"
-Proposed US Immigration Policy
-The Last Kiss Trailer
-LOST Official Site
-Heroes TV Show Graphic Novels

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Brittny said...

Folks were mad because Jesus was chocolate....aka "chocolate colored"


Bella Chi said...

Star, Kelly
you guys are my heros

I had to sit on a bus where my boyfriend was hitting on my bestfriend
and i popped in your podcast into my CD player and i laughed and i payed attention to all the interesting articles
it was exactly what i needed

so thank you so much and i cannot wait to hear the next one.

Have a lovely easter and i hope you get lots and lots of chocolate.